Giacomo Frullani is a fine-art photographer based in Trieste, Italy.
Specialised in shooting b/w street and documentary photography, with his greatest influences being members of the Magnum Photo Agency, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt and Steve McCurry, and his father Maurizio Frullani, photographer, that is still today his major source of inspiration and direction.

His interest in taking photos and developing them in a darkroom started at an early age.

He has then maintained a keen and special interest in photography, and always enjoys taking documentary, candid and posed photos, mostly but not exclusively in black and white.

Ranging from a purely documentary approach to a fine-art style, he always puts the spotlight on common people and their daily lives in a variety of geographical and cultural contexts, in an attempt to make the photo
“tell a story”.


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