Let's have some BEER

This summer I had the opportunity to join a class led by one of the greatest Italian printer.

The course was held in an old villa in the countryside near where I live.

During the class I have been taught a new - for me - approach to the print. The technique is a classical formula from the beginning of the  photography. 

Called BEER'S from the name of its inventor Dr Beer, is in fact an easy way to create a solution that can resolve almost any photographic drama you can crash to when printing.

Starting from two solution, one based on Metol and one based on Hydroquinone, that can be mixed to obtain various degrees of contrast, depending on what you want to obtain from your film.

The Metol is in charge of letting all the midtowns develop in the right way and on the other side, the Hydroquinone is the one capable of getting that rich and deep dark that you need to give your pictures the strength it deserves.

To maximize this effect you can also use a two bath work, using a first bath to strengthen the black and a second bath to carry out all the shades of gray you need.

You can have a lot of fun experimenting with various bath and grade of contrast, 

Last session I had was with a 20"x24" (50x60cm) paper and managing 6 trays of solution in my darkroom was not easy but fulfilling.



Giacomo FrullaniComment