From where it begin to now

I'm starting this new blog part of this site willing to share my passion for photography and darkroom works.

My interest in photography grew in my since the very early age. Growing up with a passionate photographer like my father (Maurizio) was, I was raised between cameras and prints. I can remember my father playing with the light in the darkroom and doing that magic spell so that images appear on a with paper submerged in water. Some years later I would understand that it was Metol or Hydroquinone. 

In my year of photographic learning I approached many techniques and subjects, from digital to film, from slide to black and white, from nature to still life. I'm still fascinated by all kind of photography but in the last year I settled in what I like doing the most now. This means being back to analog photography and my heated and loved darkroom. 

Anyway, letting the old memories go, hope you will like what I'll share with you, and please don't esitate to comment.

Giacomo FrullaniComment